State Tax Receipts Exceed Forecast for Fiscal Year


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State Tax Receipts Exceed Forecast for Fiscal Year



LINCOLN, NE – Today, Governor Jim Pillen issued a statement following news that final state General Fund tax receipts for Fiscal Year 2022-2023 exceeded projections by $3 million, which will be transferred into the Cash Reserve Fund.


“This is great news, as we continue the work of providing transformative tax relief to Nebraskans,” said Gov. Pillen. “We continue to work with state agencies to constrain spending. We worked with the Legislature to pass one of the most fiscally conservative budgets in state history – limiting growth to 2%. Those measures, combined with the increase in tax receipts, bodes well for the stability of our state’s economy.”


The state’s revenue receipts for June 2023 exceeded projections by $55.7 million, as reported by the Nebraska Department of Revenue.