Jason Jackson

Department of Administrative Services

Jason Jackson, Director

Chief Human Resources Officer, Governor’s Office

Lee Will

Department of Administrative Services – Budget Division

Lee Will, Director

Sherry Vinton

Department of Agriculture

Sherry Vinton, Director


Kelly Lammers

Department of Banking and Finance   

Kelly Lammers, Director


Matthew McCarville

Office of the Chief Information Officer

Matthew McCarville, Chief Information Officer


Rob Jeffreys

Department of Correctional Services

Rob Jeffreys, Director


Bryan Tuma

Crime Commission

Bryan Tuma, Director


K.C. Belitz

Department of Economic Development

K.C. Belitz, Director


Thad Fineran

Department of Environment and Energy

Thad Fineran, Interim Director


Steve Corsi

Department of Health and Human Services

Steve Corsi, Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Timothy Tesmer

Department of Health and Human Services

Dr. Timothy Tesmer, Chief Medical Officer

Tony Green

Department of Health and Human Services – Behavioral Health

Tony Green, Interim Director


Dr. Alyssa Bish

Department of Health and Human Services – Children and Family Services

Dr. Alyssa Bish, Director


Tony Green

Department of Health and Human Services – Developmental Disabilities

Tony Green, Director


Matt Ahern

Department of Health and Human Services – Medical and Long-Term Care

Matt Ahern, Director


Charity Menefee

Department of Health and Human Services – Public Health  

Charity Menefee, Director


Eric Dunning

Department of Insurance

Eric Dunning, Director


John Albin

Department of Labor

John Albin, Director


Rhonda Lahm

Department of Motor Vehicles

Rhonda Lahm, Director


Tom Riley

Department of Natural Resources

Tom Riley, Director


James Kamm

Department of Revenue

Jim Kamm, Director


Vicki Kramer

Department of Transportation

Vicki Kramer, Director


John Hilgert

Department of Veterans Affairs

John Hilgert, Director

Dave Lopez

Governor’s Office

David Lopez, Chief of Staff

Laura Strimple

Governor’s Office

Laura Strimple, Director of Communications

Maureen Larsen

Governor’s Office

Maureen Larsen, General Counsel to the Governor

Kenny Zoeller

Governor’s Office – Policy Research Office

Kenny Zoeller, Director

Major General Craig Strong

Military Department

Major General Craig Strong, Adjutant General

Patrick Haggerty

State Broadband Office

Patrick Haggerty, Director

Scott Cordes

State Fire Marshal

Scott Cordes, Fire Marshal

John Bolduc

State Patrol

John Bolduc, Superintendent