LB574 Protects Life and Love


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LB574 Protects Life and Love


The passage of LB574 marked an historic day for the state of Nebraska. This legislation, which had the support of 33 senators, sent a clear message that Nebraskans are united in providing protections for our children, born and unborn, so they may have brighter and promising future.


LB574 contains two important protections for children. The first is that it bans abortions after 12 weeks. It is the first piece of legislation limiting abortion in our state in over a decade. The efforts behind its passage have been the result of half a century of prayer and work by pro-life advocates who have continued to champion support for mothers and the unborn. Nebraska now joins more than a dozen states that have passed restrictions on abortion since the U.S. Supreme Court decision to overturn Roe v. Wade last June. With my signature, the new restrictions are law. It’s my intent to support a full ban on abortion in Nebraska going forward.


The second part of LB574 deals with the unregulated use of gender-altering procedures, including puberty blockers and surgery, for kids under 19. As adults, we must be willing to intercede and take those steps that best protect our children from potential harm. For example, we don’t let children under 18 get tattoos, and they must be at least 21 to drink alcohol or purchase cigarettes. These laws were passed because we recognized children don’t have the judgement necessary to make certain decisions, without doing irreparable harm. LB 574 is about making sure our kids don’t make harmful decisions that could cause them regret for the remainder of their lives.


LB 574 protects kids, and demonstrates that Nebraskans care about the future welfare of our state. Only through the tireless and dedicated work of dozens of senators and conservative leaders was passage of this legislation possible. In particular, I commend the efforts of Senators Kathleen Kauth, Joni Albrecht, and Ben Hansen. They have shown us how much conservative leadership matters and what Nebraska can accomplish when we stick to our principles and do what is right. Together, we can create a culture that embraces life and love. 


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