Governor Pillen Statement on Conclusion of the 2023 Legislative Session


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Governor Pillen Statement on Conclusion of the 2023 Legislative Session


LINCOLN, NE – Today, Governor Jim Pillen issued the following statement regarding the end of the 2023 legislative session.


"Today, I am proud to report that, in the face of extraordinary challenges, the will of the people of Nebraska has prevailed and our state has implemented once-in-a-generation conservative policies during the 2023 legislative session. The accomplishments of the this session were only possible because of the strong partnerships and winning coalition we have built in the Legislature. Together, we have passed legislation that will protect, train, and keep our kids in Nebraska; provide transformational property, business, and income tax relief; grow agriculture and our economy; and defend our conservative Nebraska values."


Below are legislative highlights from the 2023 session:


Nebraska's 2023-2024 budget is the most fiscally responsible budget in our state's history during an inflationary period. The Governor's signed budget includes only a 2% increase despite historic 40-year high inflation in Nebraska. 


While cutting wasteful spending, the budget also had key investments in Nebraska's future including investment in law & order, funding for a new prison, and investment in the Perkins County Canal, which will protect the state's water access on the South Platte River.


The 2023 Session included historic wins for social conservatives, Nebraska taxpayers, businesses, farmers, and ranchers.


Governor Pillen signed the following bills into law that protect our kids and give them opportunities to grow and succeed in our state.

  • LB574 Bans abortion after 12 weeks. It also bans transition surgeries for minors and unregulated use of puberty blockers. This bill is the only protection against abortion passed in Nebraska since 2010 and represents the greatest win for social conservatives in a generation.
  • LB753 Enacts Nebraska's first ever school choice law. Nebraska is one of the last states to implement school choice, and this bill is just the start for giving families more options so their kids get an education that fits their needs.

Governor Pillen signed the following bills into law that cut and reform our tax code, including: property, business, and income taxes.

  • LB243 Provides billions of dollars in permanent property tax relief for Nebraska businesses, farmers, ranchers, homeowners, and renters.
  • LB754 Lowers income and business taxes to 3.99% saving Nebraskans $900 million a year in taxes; eliminates taxes of Social Security income; and provides a tax credit related to child care for families and providers. The cuts to Nebraska's income and business taxes in the largest cut in state history and raises Nebraska from the bottom half of states into the top 15 nationally for income and business taxes.

Governor Pillen signed the following bills into law that grow agriculture and our economy.

  • LB562 Expands access to E-15, helping farmers and giving consumers more options at the pump.
  • LB727 Authorizes state bonding authority so that we can quickly finish incomplete, critical highway projects across our state.
  • LB683 Creates a new Broadband Office that will more efficiently use resources to provide support to communities and avenues for high-speed internet expansion. This legislation also banned the state use of technology from firms controlled by the Chinese Communist Party.

Governor Pillen signed the following bills into law that defend our conservative Nebraska values.

  • LB77 Ratifies Constitutional Carry into law so Nebraska's can better protect themselves and express their Second Amendment rights.
  • LB138 Repeals the motorcycle helmet requirement for riders over 21, which conservatives have been fighting to pass for decades.

In addition to legislative achievements this session, Governor Pillen also made several new appointments to key state agencies, including: Director Vicki Kramer, Department of Transportation; Director Rob Jeffreys, Department of Corrections; and Adjutant General Craig Strong, Nebraska National Guard.


Governor Pillen also made an appointment to Legislative District 25 during the session. Carolyn Bosn filled the vacancy left by Senator Suzanne Geist.