Governor Pillen, Corrections Office Union Reach Labor Agreement


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Governor Pillen, Corrections Office Union Reach Labor Agreement


LINCOLN, NE – Today, Governor Jim Pillen and state leaders announced a labor contract agreement between the State of Nebraska and the Fraternal Order of Police (FOP).  The FOP represents teammates within protective services classifications, including corrections officers at the Nebraska Department of Correctional Services (NDCS) and safety and security specialists at the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS).    


“Our people at our correctional facilities are great public servants who work tirelessly to help ensure public safety,” said Governor Pillen. “This agreement shows that Nebraska is dedicated to supporting our protective services men and women as they work every day to keep our state safe.”


Diane Sabatka-Rine, Director of the Department of Correctional Services, and the FOP also issued statements after reaching agreement on terms for a new labor contract. 


“The bargaining agreements over the last several years have been instrumental in recruiting and retaining NDCS team members,” said Director Sabatka-Rine.  “These efforts result in safer prisons and safer Nebraska communities.” 


"With this new agreement we will continue to build on the success we have been experiencing within the Department of Correctional Services,” said FOP President Mike Chipman.  “We have already hired more than 400 officers and hope this agreement continues that success."


This agreement includes 3% market adjustment compensation increases for FOP teammates in each of the next two years, as well as performance-based compensation increases for Security Communications Specialists, Security Guards, and Military Security Officers. 


Governor Jim Pillen signs labor contract agreement with the Fraternal Order of Police.

Fraternal Order of Police President Mike Chipman and Governor Jim Pillen.