Governor-Elect Pillen Announces Breakthrough Agreement With State Troopers

December 21, 2022

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Governor-Elect Pillen Announces Breakthrough Agreement With State Troopers

LINCOLN, NE –Nebraska Governor-elect Jim Pillen announced his team has reached a breakthrough agreement with the State Law Enforcement Bargaining Council (SLEBC) that will take effect July 1, 2023. The agreement shows Governor-elect Pillen's commitment to law and order and includes the largest pay increase for State Troopers in the past two decades.

"The highest calling of the government is to protect its citizens," said Governor-elect Pillen."The Nebraska State Patrol is an integral part of keeping our people safe. This new contract is part of my commitment to ensure law enforcement has the necessary tools, funding, and manpower needed to protect our communities. I will continue to look for more opportunities to back law enforcement and invest in our justice system."

"It was clear from the beginning that Governor Pillen agreed and made the negotiations a priority," said Dan Fiala, the President of the State Enforcement Bargaining Council and the State Troopers Association. "It's a historic deal. Now we just need to get the welcome mat out to bring new people into the Patrol."

The contract agreement with SLEBC includes:

  • A new hiring rate of $30 an hour, a $5.43 increase from the current rate
  • Largest pay increase for Patrol Troopers in 20 years
  • Enhanced pay for Patrol Troopers with specialty assignments
  • Incentives to help Troopers be better trained and equipped