Gov. Pillen on Survey: Nebraskans Want Property Tax Relief


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Gov. Pillen on Survey: Nebraskans Want Property Tax Relief

LINCOLN, NE – Governor Jim Pillen says a new survey confirms what he has heard repeatedly from taxpayers across Nebraska. They want property tax relief and would support a state sales tax adjustment to make it happen. That’s the response of three-in-five voters surveyed. Not only that, but respondents also indicated they viewed property taxes as being much higher than state sales tax.

The survey, conducted by New Bridge Strategy, was backed by the League of Nebraska Municipalities and the Nebraska Association of County Officials (NACO). Results of the survey were released today at a news conference hosted by the League and NACO, highlighting the need for more property tax relief.

Gov. Pillen has called for a reduction in property taxes by 40 percent.

“This report clearly indicates that this is the strongest priority for Nebraskans, who recognize we must reform current policies, if we are to be competitive with other states and continue to attract new workers to our state,” said Gov. Pillen.