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Weekly Columns

  • Hunting and Fishing in Nebraska

    September 22, 2020

    The crisp, cool air in the mornings and evenings signals the start of fall in Nebraska.  It’s the time of year when many Cornhuskers head outdoors to hunt and fish.  On September 26th, Nebraska will join the nation in celebration of National Hunting and Fishing Day.  This important day has extra significance in Nebraska, where hunting and fishing are part of our cultural fabric.  For generations, dads and moms have been taking their children to tree stands and creek banks to teach ... read more

  • Becoming the Best State for Veterans

    September 15, 2020

    In Nebraska, our goal is to be the most welcoming state in the country for veterans and military families.  Our servicemen and women make tremendous sacrifices to protect our freedoms.  While we can never fully repay their service, we can shape state law and policy to better serve their needs.

  • Growing Opportunities for the Good Life

    September 08, 2020

    America is known as the Land of Opportunity and nowhere is that more true than here in Nebraska.  Even as we grapple with the challenge of the pandemic, we’ve been hard at work to create and attract great-paying jobs to the Good Life.  These jobs help families send their kids to school, own their own home and car, or go on that family vacation.  They make it appealing for young Nebraskans to stay in our state after graduation.  These jobs also provide the dignity and enjoyment of rewarding ... read more

  • A Successful Session

    August 31, 2020

    The Nebraska Legislature’s “short session” went much longer than usual this year due to coronavirus.  While the session didn’t wrap up until August, it was worth the wait for Nebraskans.  From property tax relief to career scholarships, several key priorities were achieved to help grow our state both now and for future generations.

  • A Big Deal for Nebraska

    August 25, 2020

    As Governor, property tax relief has been my number one priority.  Every year, I’ve worked with State Senators to increase the amount of state relief from local property taxes.  From 2015-2019, we nearly doubled the amount of direct property tax relief from $140 million annually to $275 million annually.  This relief helps pay your annual property tax bill.  It is applied directly to your property tax bill, and appears as a credit on your statement.  I have also ... read more

  • Marijuana Impairs Workers, Endangers Workplaces

    August 17, 2020

    Despite a constant push by big marijuana to promote marijuana legalization so that it can cash in on new markets, Nebraska has wisely rejected the lobbying of drug advocates.  The $13.6 billion marijuana industry’s latest efforts have tried to rebrand the drug as a medical tool—even though it’s not approved for medical use.  In reality, there is no difference in the chemical composition or potency of recreational marijuana and so-called “medical marijuana.”  The same products are being sold ... read more

  • Gambling with Nebraska: A Losing Bet

    August 10, 2020

    Over the years, Nebraska has decided against allowing casino gambling in the Good Life—and for good reason.  Gambling can ruin families, hurt communities, and pile on new costs to the state.  By keeping Nebraska casino-free, our state has minimized the social harms associated with problem gambling.  In fact, research shows that Nebraska ranks as the fourth-least gambling-addicted state in America.

  • Getting Back to Work

    August 03, 2020

    Since the early days of our state when pioneering women and men plowed the prairies and cut grain by hand, Nebraska has been known for its industriousness.  Our love of growing things and making things has helped our state power through even the most difficult times.  Just last year, we experienced historic flooding and now a pandemic.

  • Understanding Medicaid Expansion

    July 27, 2020

    Nebraska voters passed Initiative 427 to expand eligibility for Medicaid services from the State.  The Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) has been working hard to implement the expanded coverage, which will be called Heritage Health Adult.  Thanks to the team’s focus and effective management, enrollment will open as planned on August 1st and services will begin on October 1st.

  • Back to Business

    July 21, 2020

    This week, State Senators return to Lincoln to finish the remaining days of the 2020 legislative session.  As they get back to business, there are a handful of key issues that will command much of the Legislature’s attention in the limited time remaining.  As I wrote about last week, Nebraska’s top priority for this session is property tax relief.  The property tax issue along with a few others will dominate the waning days of the session, which are sure to move at a fast pace.  Here’s a ... read more