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Office of Governor Pete Ricketts

We Can Grow Nebraska

I am humbled and honored to serve you as the 40th Governor of the great State of Nebraska.

Now is a time of new beginning for our state. As I look into the future, I’m optimistic about the road that lies ahead. We have a great state, filled with tremendous opportunity.

Our rich history is deeply rooted in freedom, opportunity, liberty, and the hope for a better life for future generations.

Today, we continue to welcome those who value freedom and are in search of a better life. We welcome people from all over the world, who study at our great Universities or work at our businesses, farms and ranches. And as our forefathers did a century and a half ago, we honor the veterans–the men and women who sacrificed and served our country.

We have a beautiful state filled with tremendous opportunity from the Missouri River to the Sandhills to the Pine Ridge. The strength of our state lies in our people. Nebraskans are engaged in their communities, their schools, and their churches. And when we have problems, we find ways to work together despite our differences. Nebraska is what America is supposed to be.

The future of our state continues to depend on our ability to pull together, to solve problems, and to grow Nebraska. I am excited to work together in a spirit of collaboration to move our great state forward, and as we work together, you will have ideas on how to reach our goals. You may have other concerns you are hearing in your community. I promise I will listen closely and with an open mind.

Nebraskans want government to work. We hold our elected officials to high standards. I will work hard each and every day to meet those standards and safeguard the public’s trust. I urge Nebraskans everywhere to stay engaged: You are the second house. Hold us accountable for what we achieve and help us Grow Nebraska

In the words of Virginia Smith, the only woman to represent Nebraska in the U.S. House of Representatives, “There is no excellence without great labor.”

On behalf of my wife Susanne and our entire family, we look forward to working with you and hearing from you in the years to come.