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State of Nebraska Leadership Thanks CSG Justice Center for Facilitating Justice Reinvestment

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Taylor Gage, Governor’s Office, 402-471-1970

Janet Bancroft, Supreme Court, 402-471-3205

Spencer Head, Speaker’s Office, 402-471-2929


Media Release:

State of Nebraska Leadership Thanks CSG Justice Center for Facilitating Justice Reinvestment


Meeting highlights conclusion of multi-year justice reinvestment grant administered by CSG Justice Center.


Audio here.


LINCOLN – Today, Governor Pete Ricketts, Chief Justice Michael Heavican, and Speaker Jim Scheer issued statements thanking the Council of State Governments (CSG) Justice Center for helping facilitate justice reinvestment initiatives.  Since 2014, the State of Nebraska’s three branches of government have collaborated together on a variety of justice reinvestment initiatives.


“Thank you to the CSG Justice Center for helping to facilitate this unprecedented three-branch justice reinvestment process,” said Governor Ricketts.  “The initiatives and partnerships have given our Corrections system innovative tools to do their job and have complemented other initiatives across our public safety agencies here in Nebraska.  Those tools, like the risk/needs assessments we are using in our facilities, are helping us protect public safety and prepare inmates for reentry into the community upon completion of their sentence.”


“The resources and experience provided by the Council of State Governments Justice Center to all three branches of government was beneficial in furthering collaboration between branches and, in particular, in advancing the positive outcomes of the experiences in Nebraska’s courts and probation system,” said Nebraska Supreme Court Chief Justice Heavican.


“I would like to thank CSG Justice Center for all of the assistance they have provided to us throughout the justice reinvestment process,” said Speaker Scheer.  “I am proud that we did this the Nebraska way with all three branches of Nebraska government working together to address our corrections system in its entirety.  Together, we examined every part of our justice and corrections systems, made recommendations, and set benchmarks.  Out of all of the recommendations, nearly every single one has been met.  Those that have not been met are scheduled for completion in the next month.  I am confident to say that this process has been a success and I believe that we are on the right path forward after this justice reinvestment initiative.”


Following the final meeting of the Justice Reinvestment Implementation Committee, the heads of the branches of state government committed to meeting periodically to track the ongoing success of the reinvestment initiatives.