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Opening for Business

Opening for Business

By Governor Pete Ricketts

June 18, 2020


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June is usually the month when summer hits full swing in Nebraska.  In a typical year, Omaha would be hosting the College World Series right now.  The Swedish Festival in Stromsburg, Polish Days in Loup City, and numerous other community celebrations would occur this month.  NEBRASKAland Days would be underway in North Platte.  Communities like Seward, Central City, and Ralston would be readying plans for Fourth of July celebrations. 


While this year has been anything but normal, we’re seeing encouraging signs in our battle against coronavirus.  Thanks to Nebraskans who are practicing social distancing even as we reopen, we continue to maintain robust capacity in our health care system.  We’ve seen a downward trend in coronavirus hospitalizations in recent weeks.  Counties that 4-6 weeks ago were experiencing a surge in coronavirus cases are seeing very few new cases today. 


The virus isn’t gone, and we must continue to be smart and follow social distancing guidelines.  When you’re out in public places, keep six feet of distance from other people.  Continue to wash your hands often, avoid large groups of people, and wear a mask when you go to the store.  These behaviors will help us slow the spread of the virus even further.  As a state, we’ve been very successful in our efforts so far.  As Nebraskans use good sense in their social interactions, I’m confident we’ll keep heading in the right direction.


In light of the progress we’ve made, our Direct Health Measures will be relaxed again on June 22nd.  Most of Nebraska—89 out of our 93 counties—will enter Phase Three of our plan to loosen restrictions.  Dakota, Hall, Hamilton, and Merrick counties will move to Phase Two of our plan.  


Here is an overview of the Phase Three rules that will go into effect for most counties on June 22nd.


 Phase Three (applies to all counties except for Dakota, Hall, Hamilton and Merrick).

  • Gatherings:
    • Indoor gatherings will be limited to 50% of rated occupancy (not to exceed 10,000).
    • Outdoor gatherings will be limited to 75% of rated occupancy (not to exceed 10,000).
      • Plans must be submitted to local health departments and approved for all indoor and outdoor locations that hold 500 or more individuals (1,000 or more in Douglas County) before reopening is permitted.
    • Gyms, barber shops / salons, and body art facilities will be limited to 75% of rated occupancy.
      • Both workers and patrons are still required to wear masks (except for patrons receiving facial services directly).
    • Groups at gatherings shall be no larger than eight individuals.
    • Maintaining six feet of separation between groups will be a guidance rather than a mandate in Phase Three.
    • Parades, carnivals, midways, dances and street dances, and beer gardens remain prohibited.
  • Restaurants and bars can open their dining rooms to 100% capacity, with a maximum of eight persons per table.
  • Childcare facilities will be limited to the following numbers (and subject to the usual child-to-staff ratios):
    • Infants to 3 year old – 15 children per room/space
    • 3 year olds – 20 children per room/space
    • 4-5 year olds – 24 children per room/space
    • School-age children (K-12) – 30 children per room/space. 


As we proceed to the next phases by region, we’re also loosening restrictions on sports statewide.  Team sports provide important exercise and community camaraderie—something we’ve all missed the last few months.  On June 1st, limited and non-contact sports resumed practices in Nebraska.  These sports have safely restarted with no issues.  Given how smoothly team sports have resumed, we’re going to allow contact sports—such as soccer, basketball, and tackle football—to begin statewide in July.  Both practices and games for contact sports can take place as of July 1, 2020.


We’ve also announced the content of the Phase Four Directed Health Measures.  We’ve not yet set a date for these to take effect.  However, we’re providing the Phase Four rules so that Nebraskans know what to expect as we move forward. 


For details on each phase, go online to and click on Directed Health Measures.


Additionally, Nebraska Department of Education Commissioner Matthew Blomstedt has announced that schools will restart with students in the classroom this fall.  Commissioner Blomstedt has been in frequent contact with public health officials and superintendents across the state.  He’s also coordinated with education leaders nationwide.  His team is developing a set of best practices for schools to consult as they safely welcome students and teachers back to their buildings.  All this information and more is being posted online at  Schools won’t look exactly like they did last fall, but I’m confident the Commissioner and local leaders will have a solid plan in place to reopen safely.    


Test Nebraska mobile sites continue to deploy to communities across the state.  With the exception of Douglas County, any Nebraskan who wants to be tested is now eligible.  In Douglas County, we’ve added 15-35 year olds to the priority groups for testing, and we expect everyone to qualify for testing in the near future.  I encourage Nebraskans to sign up at and make an appointment to be tested.


The newest DHMs, and associated guidance documents, will be posted online at  I also invite you to visit my website regularly for updates ( 


I appreciate Nebraskans exercising personal responsibility to practice social distancing.  It’s helping keep Nebraska on its path of reopening.  As we continue to work to slow the spread of the virus, let’s keep cooperating so we can get Nebraska growing for years to come.