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Media Roundup: Nebraska Editorial Boards Applaud Gov. Ricketts' Budget Plans

Omaha World-Herald: Ricketts budget sets a solid base


Gov. Pete Ricketts has laid out his vision for Nebraska’s state budget.


The state needs to tighten its belt, and the governor deserves credit for setting out a workable way to balance the budget without raising taxes or misusing the state’s rainy day fund, the cash reserve.


Ricketts’ budget would cut enough from state agencies to add a nominal $40 million to the property-tax credit relief fund. It also lays out a long-term path for spending restraint that could allow modest income tax relief in the years to come.


Lincoln Journal-Star: Editorial, 1/13: Ricketts' budget fits the times


The low-growth, two-year state budget from Gov. Pete Ricketts is appropriate at a time that state revenues are consistently failing to meet projections.


It would be shocking if the Legislature added any spending to the bottom line that the governor presented to state senators Thursday. In fact, the final sum could be lower if revenue continues to fall.


It’s been 11 months since tax receipts hit projections from the state economic forecasting advisory board, and the string continued last month even after the board lowered its prediction.


Grand Island Independent: Ricketts' budget proposal a good starting point


“These are lean times,” Nebraska Gov. Pete Ricketts said as he commented on the State of the State and discussed his budget proposal.


Accordingly, Ricketts is proposing that state government tighten its belt and that the Legislature consider falling on the side of taxpayers.


Ricketts’ proposal is a good starting point for budget discussions. He rightly is looking to deal with the estimated $900 million budget gap by controlling spending and using the state’s cash reserve.


He also has set the right tone with his budget priorities, which are K-12 education, the Department of Corrections and child and family services. He has correctly assessed that these are areas where the state must increase spending.


McCook Gazette: Successful or not, Ricketts plan worthwhile effort


Faced with a projected $267 million shortfall in the current budget and the potential for a $900 million gap through 2019, Ricketts did what most of us do when our paychecks won't make it to the end of the month.


He looked for places to make the taxpayer-provided "paycheck" stretch -- the equivalent of searching through the couch cushions.


Attempting to hold the line, and even reducing taxes, is a worthy effort at any level of government.