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Honoring Our Veterans

By Governor Pete Ricketts

November 6, 2015

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Veterans Day provides an opportunity to celebrate the commitment and sacrifice of our state’s military heroes.  It is a day deeply steeped in patriotic symbolism commemorating and honoring generations of past and present military service members and their families.  It is a day deeply rooted in our American tradition of honoring the men and women who dedicate their lives to serving our country.

Ever since the guns of World War I fell silent 97 years ago, Americans have gathered to honor the men and women who have served our country in the Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force, National Guard, Coast Guard, and every branch of the military during our nation’s conflicts.  In the years following World War II, this annual observation earned its present designation as Veterans Day, a day dedicated to paying tribute to the work of everyone who has chosen to wear the uniforms of our nation’s armed forces.

Many of you personally understand the sacrifice and patriotic dedication military service requires.  For the veterans who are reading this: Thank you for your service on behalf of the people of Nebraska.  For those of you with family or loved ones who have served, we understand that your support and love for them carry our servicemen and women through many unbelievable challenges and trying times even after their service has been completed.

For those who have not served in the military, take a moment to think of all the veterans who play a role in the life our state’s communities.  Consider how much these veterans contribute to every aspect of our lives.  Veterans serve as police officers, fire fighters, business leaders, teachers and coaches among numerous other professions. 

I know from personal experience how the Good Life that our state is blessed with would not be possible without the continued service of our veterans even after they have retired their military uniforms.  As the Chief Operating Officer of the online brokerage firm Ameritrade, the gentleman running my new accounts department was a retired Air Force Lieutenant Colonel; the gentleman running my training was a retired Air Force Colonel; and the gentleman who ran my back office was a Marine Captain.  That Marine Captain is now the Chief Operating Officer for the State of Nebraska.

For our state and our nation, it is important that we continually honor the work of our veterans, and to thank them.  Veterans Day activities are held across Nebraska every year, and they provide a formal avenue for us to publicly celebrate the heroic work of our veterans.  Even if you are unable to attend one of the events on Veterans Day, please take the time to thank a veteran by making a phone call, stopping by their desk at work, writing them a note, or finding another way to demonstrate your gratitude.

On this Veterans Day, it is also important to think of the 149 Soldiers of our Nebraska Army National Guard and the five Airmen of our Nebraska Air National Guard who are currently mobilized and to keep them in our prayers.  Their work in protecting and defending our country is critical to ensuring that we can pass on the same freedoms to the next generation that we have enjoyed for the past 239 years. 

Once again, on behalf of all Nebraskans, Susanne and I thank all of our state’s veterans for their service and their sacrifices.  You have made Nebraskans proud.  You are part of what makes Nebraska so great.