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Gov. Ricketts Vetoes “Unconstitutional, Unelected, and Unaccountable” Redistricting Commission to Keep Nebraskans’ Voices in Process

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Governor says creating an unelected commission is “outside the spirit” of our non-partisan Unicameral


Audio here and veto message attached.


LINCOLN – Today, Governor Pete Ricketts announced he had vetoed LB580, a bill that would delegate away redistricting authority from Nebraska’s elected, non-partisan Unicameral to an unelected group of commissioners appointed based upon political party affiliation.


“Under our state law, the people’s elected representatives in our non-partisan legislature are responsible for handling redistricting.  While redistricting can be a tough process, handing this authority over to an unconstitutional, unelected, and unaccountable bureaucratic board, which will be appointed based on political party affiliation, is outside the spirit and tradition of our non-partisan Unicameral Legislature. 


“Because selections for this commission will be made based upon party affiliation, the appointees to this board are highly likely to be party insiders, who know how to draw districts to favor their friends and political allies.  LB580 unnecessarily grows government by creating an unelected and unaccountable board and opens up our redistricting process to political cronyism.  I am vetoing this bill today to keep the voices of Nebraskans in the redistricting process.”


The Governor’s veto message to the Legislature is attached.

LB580 Veto Letter 4.18.2016.pdf