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Gov. Ricketts Signs Three Bills for Military Families & Veterans

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Gov. Ricketts signs LB 115 allowing preliminary school district enrollment for reassigned military families.


LINCOLN – Recently, Governor Pete Ricketts signed LBs 12e, 115, and 122e, which are bills aimed at improving the quality of life of Nebraska’s veterans, active duty military, and their families.  


“We are constantly working to make Nebraska the most military-friendly state in the country,” said Governor Ricketts.  “LBs 12e, 115, and 122e will help alleviate some of the burdensome regulations and red tape that our military families and veterans face here in Nebraska.  These bills will make it easier for military families to enroll their children in school, find good paying jobs, and take advantage of great opportunities here in the Good Life.”


  • LB 12e, introduced by Senator Carol Blood of Bellevue, allows active duty military members or their spouses to be licensed realtors in Nebraska without having to pay the licensing fee, provided they have a valid realtor’s license in another state.  LB 12e was approved by the Legislature on a vote of 47-0. 
  • LB 115, introduced by Senator Blood, establishes the right for military families reassigned to Nebraska to preliminarily enroll in a school district.  It was approved by the Legislature on a vote of 44-0. 
  • LB 122e, introduced by Senator Sue Crawford of Bellevue, allows a veteran, their spouse, or dependents to qualify as residents for post-secondary tuition purposes if the veteran is receiving vocational rehabilitation.  LB 122e was approved by the Legislature on a vote of 41-0. 



Over the past few years, Governor Ricketts has worked with the Legislature and veterans’ groups to place a focus on supporting Nebraska’s military families and veterans.  Below are a few examples of how Governor Ricketts is making Nebraska a more veteran-friendly state:

  • Merging the Nebraska Department of Veterans’ Affairs (NDVA) and the Division of Veterans’ Homes to create a one-stop shop for veterans’ services in Nebraska.
  • Approving a 20 percent pay increase for staff care technicians working for the NDVA.
  • Expanding the hiring preference in Nebraska to include spouses of service members.
  • Cutting red tape on a key property tax exemption for veterans if no change in medical condition has occurred.
  • Creating five additional Military Honor License Plates to recognize the service of members of the reserves of the armed forces.
  • Approving revisions to Rule 21, allowing military spouses to receive a three-year teaching permit in Nebraska with a valid out-of-state license.
  • Signing LB 88e (2017) into law, which authorized the Department of Health and Human Services to issue temporary licenses for occupations regulated under the Uniform Credentialing Act to military spouses.
  • Building a new state-of-the-art Central Nebraska Veterans’ Home, which is providing world-class accommodations to hundreds of Nebraska veterans.