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Gov. Ricketts Signs “Statehood Day” Proclamation at Omaha School

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Governor Ricketts met with Holy Name 4th Grade students to talk about Statehood Day in Nebraska.


OMAHA – Today, Governor Pete Ricketts met with students at Holy Name Catholic School to sign a proclamation declaring March 1st as “Statehood Day” in Nebraska.  Statehood Day marks the anniversary of President Andrew Johnson recognizing Nebraska as the 37th state in the Union on March 1, 1867. 


“This week, Nebraska celebrates 151 years of the Good Life,” said Governor Ricketts.  “We’re already home to the best communities in the world thanks to core Nebraska values of hard work, innovation, and loyalty.  Working together, we can continue grow the Good Life for years to come.”


In Nebraska, schoolchildren learn about state history in the 4th grade.  At Holy Name, Governor Ricketts spoke with 4th graders, quizzing them about their state history and encouraging them in their future endeavours.  He also highlighted LB 295, the Opportunity Scholarships Act, which is expected to be debated in the Legislature in the coming weeks.


“Schools, like Holy Name, are helping pass core values onto the next generation and provide a quality education,” said Governor Ricketts.  “In the coming weeks, the Legislature will consider LB295, which can provide children with more educational options.  I look forward to working with lawmakers to continue to expand school choice in Nebraska.”




Throughout 2017, Governor Ricketts and First Lady Susanne Shore worked together to celebrate Nebraska history with the “Now You Know Nebraska” YouTube channel.  “Now You Know Nebraska” highlights key events of Nebraska history and information on what makes Nebraska unique.  The YouTube channel can be found here.

Gov. Ricketts Signs “Statehood Day” Proclamation at Omaha School