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Gov. Ricketts, Sen. Murante Highlight Bill Streamlining Speed Limits in Nebraska

Gov. Ricketts with (from left to right) Sen. Murante, NDOT Dir. Schneweis, and Nebraska City Mayor Bryan Bequette

Gov. Ricketts with (from left to right) Sen. Murante, NDOT Dir. Schneweis, and Nebraska City Mayor Bryan Bequette


NEBRASKA CITY – Today, Governor Pete Ricketts hosted a ceremonial signing event for LB 1009, introduced by State Senator John Murante of Gretna.  The bill will streamline and right-size speed limits for Nebraskans across the state.  LB 1009 was passed 44-1-4 by the Legislature.  Governor Ricketts was joined at the ceremony by Senator Murante and Nebraska Department of Transportation (NDOT) Director Kyle Schneweis.

“Thank you to Senator Murante for his leadership on this bill, which helps the Department of Transportation align Nebraska’s speed limits with on-the-ground driving conditions,” said Governor Ricketts.  “Giving greater predictability and uniformity to driver expectations is a key step towards creating a safe highway system.  LB 1009 applies efficiency by streamlining our approach to how speed limits are set on Nebraska’s roads, especially for our rural highways.” 

LB 1009 authorizes the NDOT to use a streamlined and practical approach to increasing speed limits on highways, freeways, and expressways allowing for more consistent traveling speeds statewide.  With passage, NDOT will use engineering and driver expectation research to bring uniformity to the system.  Speeds on four-lane divided highways and designated stretches of two-lane highways will be approved up to 65 mph while the maximum speed limit on four-lane expressways and potential future super-2 highways is authorized to increase to 70 mph.

“This is an example of government working well to deliver better policy to the citizens of Nebraska,” said Senator Murante.  “By listening to Nebraskans who drive our roads every day, we heard we needed a change in our speed limit policy.  I want to thank Governor Ricketts, Senator Hughes, and Senator Friesen.  Together, we streamlined highway speed limits across Nebraska to put safety first.”

“NDOT is pleased with the passage of LB 1009 and the ability to improve the consistency of speed limits on Nebraska’s highways and expressways.  We would like to thank Senator Murante for his support in getting this bill across the finish line,” said NDOT Director Schneweis.  “It’s important for Nebraskans to know that changes to speed limits will not happen overnight.” 

The law is anticipated to go into effect on July 19, 2018.  Posted speed limits will remain the legal traveling speed with the majority of increases being implemented in calendar year 2018.  The NDOT will work closely with communities and its District Offices to implement speed limit changes with safety in mind.