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Gov. Ricketts Hosts Former Hong Kong Legislator Nathan Law on “The Nebraska Way” Podcast

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Gov. Ricketts Hosts Former Hong Kong Legislator Nathan Law on “The Nebraska Way” Podcast

Episode 21 of “The Nebraska Way” 

Listen to Episode 21 of “The Nebraska Way” podcast by clicking here. 


LINCOLN – Today, Governor Ricketts released the 21st episode of “The Nebraska Way” featuring Nathan Law, a former Hong Kong legislator.  Nathan is an advocate for political freedom in Hong Kong and currently lives in exile in London.  During the episode, Nathan describes the persecution he endured at the hands of the Chinese Communist Party, including imprisonment.


During the Umbrella Movement in 2014, when protestors in Hong Kong sought the right to elect their own leaders, Nathan was one of five representatives who engaged in dialogue with the government to debate political reforms.  Upholding non-violent civic actions, Nathan, Joshua Wong, and other student leaders then ran for the Legislative Council election.  Nathan was elected and became the youngest Legislative Councillor in Hong Kong’s history.  Yet his seat was overturned in July 2017 following Beijing’s constitutional reinterpretation, which drew strong international criticism.  Nathan was later jailed for his participation in the Umbrella Movement.  The persecution sparked global concern over Beijing’s crackdown on human rights and on the democratic movement in Hong Kong.  


In 2018, Nathan and fellow student activists, Joshua Wong and Alex Chow, were nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize by US congressmen and British parliament members.  Due to the risk imposed by the PRC’s draconian National Security Law, Nathan left Hong Kong and continues to speak up for Hong Kong’s people on the international level.  In 2020, he was listed as one of the 100 most influential people in the world by TIME.


Nathan’s full biography and work is available at and he also provides regular updates at


Listen to Episode 21 by clicking here.  Video of the podcast can be found on YouTube by clicking here.


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