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Gov. Ricketts and Speaker Hadley Send Nebraskans Property Tax Relief Notices

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Over 700,000 notices will be mailed to property owners across the state

LINCOLN – Today, Governor Pete Ricketts and Speaker Galen Hadley announced that the Nebraska Department of Revenue is mailing over 700,000 tax relief notices to Nebraska property owners.  The postcards highlight the property tax relief included in the Governor’s budget and approved by the Legislature earlier this year. 

During this year’s legislative session, the Governor and the Unicameral worked together to deliver $408 million in property tax relief to Nebraska property owners through the Property Tax Credit Relief Fund over the next two years.  The Property Tax Credit Relief Fund, also known as the Real Property Tax Relief Fund, was established in 2007 to provide direct property tax relief from the state to property owners.    

“As I travel the state, property tax relief is the number one priority on the minds of Nebraskans,” said Governor Ricketts.  “This year, the Legislature and I worked together diligently to prioritize property tax relief.  These tax relief notices are a sign of good progress.  There is, however, more work to be done, and my administration will continue to prioritize property tax relief in the upcoming session.”

In his State of the State address in January, Governor Ricketts recommended dramatically increasing the amount of tax relief delivered through the Property Tax Credit Relief Fund.  The Governor’s recommendation was approved by the Appropriations Committee and the full Legislature, resulting in an over 45 percent increase in the tax relief provided through the Property Tax Credit Relief Fund.

“Thanks to the leadership of the Appropriations Committee and Governor Ricketts, we were able to fund the Property Tax Credit Relief Fund at historic levels,” said Speaker of the Legislature Galen Hadley.  “This commitment means Nebraska property owners get to keep more of their hard-earned money, and these notices will help raise awareness about our positive work on behalf of taxpayers.”

Each year, hundreds of thousands of Nebraska property owners receive a tax credit from the Property Tax Credit Relief Fund.  The credit is listed on tax bills sent by county treasurers to property owners.  The language used to describe the credit varies from county-to-county, and it is not always clear where the credit originated from, what the purpose of the credit is, or how it impacts the tax bill.

“These notices are important to helping taxpayers understand the full impact of the tax relief they are being provided through the Property Tax Credit Relief Fund,” said Department of Revenue Property Tax Administrator Ruth Sorensen.  “As Nebraska property owners evaluate their tax bills, these notices will help delineate the purpose and origin of the tax relief that is being applied to their local assessment.”

This week, the Nebraska Department of Revenue plans to mail approximately 769,000 postcard-size notices to property owners with information about the tax relief provided through the Property Tax Credit Relief Fund.  The notice includes the amount of tax relief the property owner has received as well as a brief message from the Governor and Speaker.  A sample version of the notice is attached.

Property owners who have received a credit at or above the amount of $50 will receive the notice.  Centrally assessed property owners will not receive this notice.  The department anticipates sending similar notices in the future.

Property Tax Relief Postcard