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Gov. Ricketts: 20 Senators Stand Between Nebraskans & Property Tax Relief

For Immediate Release:

9:20AM CT on April 23, 2021


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Taylor Gage, 402-471-1970

Justin Pinkerman, 402-471-1967


Media Release:

Gov. Ricketts: 20 Senators Stand Between Nebraskans & Property Tax Relief


LINCOLN – Today, Governor Pete Ricketts issued a statement following a vote by the Legislature on LB 408, a bill to limit the growth of local government property taxes.


“Thank you to the bipartisan group of 29 senators who voted to advance property tax relief last night,” said Gov. Ricketts.  “These 29 senators stood with the people of Nebraska who have been crying out for relief.  A group of 20 senators voted against property tax relief.  They are the roadblock that stands between getting the people of Nebraska the property tax relief they desperately need.  If the Legislature does not address this critical priority in the immediate future, it becomes more and more likely that the people of Nebraska will do away with the property tax system altogether.”


20 Senators Defeated Property Tax Relief

Voting no: Blood, J. Cavanaugh, M. Cavanaugh, DeBoer, M. Hansen, Hunt, McKinney, Morfeld


Present but not voting: Bostar, Day, Hilkemann, Kolterman, Lathrop, McCollister, Pahls, Pansing-Brooks, Stinner, Williams, Wishart


Excused from voting: Walz


29 Senators Voted for Property Tax Relief

Aguilar, Albrecht, Arch, Bostelman, Brandt, Brewer, Briese, Clements, Dorn, Erdman, Flood, Friesen, Geist, Gragert, Groene, Halloran, B. Hansen, Hilgers, Hughes, Lindstrom, Linehan, Lowe, McDonnell, Moser, Murman, Sanders, Slama, Vargas, Wayne