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Compromising, Serving, & Preparing

Compromise on ADC Increase

Protecting Nebraska’s most vulnerable citizens and families is one of the core functions of state government and the Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services. As a part of this duty, the State of Nebraska has provided Aid to Dependent Children (ADC) since 1936 to assist low-income families with children that are 18 or younger.

Earlier this week, Senator Kathy Campbell and I reached an agreement on a compromise to increase the ADC benefit for the first time in about 30 years. This agreement comes in response to my veto of LB89 after concerns arose about the legislation’s fiscal sustainability. This compromise addresses that issue.

The compromise moves additional federal Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) Block Grant funds through the ADC program into the hands of the families that need it most. My administration is committed to helping the truly vulnerable in a sustainable way, while also connecting Nebraskans with the many good-paying jobs around our state to minimize the need for long-term dependence on public assistance.

I appreciate Senator Campbell’s willingness to work together to find the best solution on this issue for Nebraska’s most vulnerable families. I also am grateful to the senators who shared the fiscal concerns about LB89’s lack of long-term fiscal sustainability.

Prepare for Severe Weather Season

Reports of hail and a funnel cloud in Southeast Nebraska earlier this week are a good reminder that Nebraskans should take steps to prepare for severe weather. Severe weather events in Nebraska range from flash flooding to lightening and tornadoes. According to the Nebraska Emergency Management Agency, there are 80 deaths and 1,500 injuries nationally from tornadoes a year.

Before severe weather events occur, it is important to prepare by making sure you have correct emergency contact information, making a plan, and practicing that plan. There are many resources available to you to help you prepare yourself for an emergency.

Visit or for more information on how to assemble a preparedness kit and the appropriate emergency contact information. By making a plan before severe weather strikes, you can protect your family from potential danger.

Public Service Recognition Week

This week is Public Service Recognition Week. During my travels across the state, I have discerned two principles that guide Nebraskans across our state every day: listening to one another and working together. These principles have guided my administration as we look for opportunities to grow our state from Humboldt to Harrison. 

Growing Nebraska for the next generation will not happen because of one person or one agency. It will only happen when our public servants work together on issues that matter to Nebraskans – from the Governor’s office to state agencies to the front line city and county personnel across Nebraska.

I am grateful for the dedication and service of our State of Nebraska’s employees. As we work together to serve the people of Nebraska, I look forward to building a customer-focused culture in state government that values continuous improvement.